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We offer many different styles of thermocouples; like the optimized multi-point (OMP), the proprietary MgO-filled C317 (9 discrete junctions in a 1/2″ diameter) & C329 (4 discrete junctions in a 3/8″ diameter), dual location Pocket Junction thermocouples, reduced tip probes, and specialty sheath materials like titanium, tantalum, and platinum/rhodium alloys.


We stand by our work, and we have the best documentation in the business. We can help you solve your thermocouple design problems.


Supplier audits are no problem. Our quality system is built around the NQA-1 2008/a2009 specification We also have experience with AS9100 and First Article inspection and verification. Let us know how we can help your company.


Since we couldn’t find the specialty equipment needed, we made it ourselves. We also offer cut-off saws and rotary straighteners (see below) to help you process MI cable in-house



We Offer Solutions

Specialty Thermocouples

We offer many different styles of specialty and multipoint thermocouples; the optimized multipoint (OMP), the proprietary C317/C329 and standard multipoint probes. We also offer other specialty probes including different sheath materials (ceramic, exotic metals, and super alloys), reduced tip thermocouples, and x-ray quality junctions.The HTIR-TC (High-Temperature Irradiation Resistant thermocouple is the newest addition to our repertoire. It was proven in the AGR 5-6-7 test cycle in the Advanced Test Reactor at Idaho National Laboratories to withstand 1500°C for over 6 months with almost no drift (~1%).

2019 R&D 100 Award winners unveiled!


We excel at specialty, exotic & multi-point thermocouples, as well as thermocouples for the nuclear industry. We offer mineral insulated thermocouple cable, platinum and noble metal thermocouple wire, custom thermocouples, and mineral insulated heaters for almost any application.


Do you need PMI (positive material identification) of your finished parts, or have lost traceability on some materials? We can solve that. With our SciAps XRF analyzer, we can distinguish between the hardest alloys. Differentiating between 304, 321, 316, and 347 is no problem. We also offer X-ray services. Backed by our in-house ASNT Level III RT and in-house equipment, fast turn-around is possible. Helium leak testing and visible dye penetrant (PT) are also offered.


Do you need a supplier for aerospace or nuclear quality parts? We can help with that. We have recently completed supplier audits to NQA-1 and AS9100 requirements. Our NQA-1 audit team can help provide the assurance that your requirements are understood and will be met.