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Platinum/Noble Metals

We offer platinum wire thermocouple materials, including Type S, Type R, Type B, and Platinel II alloys. The most common diameter is .020″ (24 gauge), though other diameters are available. The table below outlines availability for the most common sizes. Because platinum and platinum thermocouple alloys are precious metals, the price fluctuates daily following the market. Please ask us if you need a quote to be valid for more than 24 hours.

– Type “R” is a 100% Platinum vs. Platinum/13% Rhodium Alloy

– Type “S” is a 100% Platinum vs. Platinum/10% Rhodium Alloy

– Type “B” is a Platinum/6%Rhodium vs. Platinum/30% Rhodium Alloy

– Platinel II™ is an alloy designed to mimic Type K thermocouples while providing a much higher usable temperature.

Diam. Gauge Material Availability
Type R Type S Type B Platinel II
.005″ 36 X X X X
.010″ 30 X X X  
.0159″ 26 X O X  
.0179″ 25 X O    
.020″ 24 X X X X
.025″ 22 O O    
.032″ 20 X X X  
.040″ 18 O O O O
.0508″ 16 O O O  

O – Limited availability. Other diameters are available upon request.
X – Generally available from STOCK. Materials are subject to prior sale.

Download Platinum.xls