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Terms & Conditions

Right of Access
The Supplier shall allow Idaho Laboratories Corporation (ILC) access to the Supplier’s plant facilities and records for inspection/audit by ILC or its representative. Such access shall extend to the Supplier’s sub-suppliers as deemed necessary by ILC (Sub-supplier access will be coordinated through the Supplier).

New and Unused
Unless otherwise specified, all materials, components, and parts, required by the Purchase Order, including those permanently installed into systems, subsystem, and/or assemblies shall be new and unused. Refurbished, rebuilt, or modified items are strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by Idaho Laboratories Corporation.

Suspect Counterfeit Materials – General Requirements
Unless otherwise specified, items required by the Purchase Order shall be procured directly from the original manufacturer or an authorized master distributor. Items delivered under this Purchase Order will be inspected by the Customer for indications of suspect or counterfeit conditions.

Suppliers of electronic components are only to procure sub-components from vendors that have a documented successful history with the supplier.
Detection by the Customer of any suspect or counterfeit item leading to evidence of deliberate misrepresentation of any supplied item may result in an investigation into the validity of certification, fraud, and/or forgery.

Conflict Materials (3TG)
In accordance with applicable Conflict Minerals laws, Idaho Laboratories Corporation (“Buyer”) must determine whether its products contain tin, tantalum, tungsten, or gold (collectively referred to as “3TG”) originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries. To the extent the Supplier provides goods containing 3TG to the Buyer under any Purchase Order, the Supplier commits to having a supply chain process to ensure and document a reasonable inquiry into the country of origin of the 3TG minerals incorporated into such goods. If requested, the Supplier will promptly provide information or representations that the Buyer reasonably believes are required to meet its conflict minerals compliance obligations.

Subtier Requirements Flow-down
The Supplier shall incorporate all applicable Purchase Order requirements into all Supplier-issued procurement documents. Flow-down of purchase order requirements shall be verbatim (i.e., without change or modification). Lower-tier subcontracting requires flow-down of all applicable requirements to each supplier at any tier.